We pride ourselves on delivering world-class products, on time and within budget. We guarantee a 99.9% uptime of all our products.


Dragon Coders Pvt. Ltd. has some of the best software developers in the region. We also have a very competent team of Business analysts, Project Managers and QA testers. Our expertise lies in business process consulting, data analytics and solutions, software development (Web and Mobile apps) and project management.


Our products are renowned for its quality. We follow strict rules and checks for development and perform vigorous quality assessment testing prior to handing over the product to you

Our team thinks outside the box. We see opportunities in every problem – an opportunity to optimize, automate and evolve!

Our development is based on Agile process, the latest project management methodology, where we come out with a minimum viable product at the earliest possible time.

We can incorporate any changes in requirement during the development phase, unlike other firms where the requirement once fixed, cannot be changed. Every two weeks, we can do a demo of the updates or the modules we have developed so that you can give your feedback/comment/suggestions.

Development Process

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Web Applications

Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)

Business Process Consulting

Project Management

Security Testing

Application Maintenance

Big Data Analytics & Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Data Mining & Warehousing

Development Process

About Dragon Coders Pvt. Ltd.

We are a team of Developers, Business Analysts, Quality Analysts and Project Managers who are solely comprised of Bhutanese. We have been working on projects for clients who are based in Europe and competing against the best global software and consulting firms.

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