Cloud Services

  • Faster services for users and constituents
  • Improved experiences for citizens
  • Constant innovation to keep pace with technology
  • Better mission outcomes

Whether you are planning your migration strategy or looking to further improve an existing cloud deployment, DragonCoders cloud services for organisations use creative problem-solving that makes the difference and shapes processes and practices into real possibilities.

Address challenges with cloud computing

Our client engagement and technical knowledge give us an unfiltered, realistic view of challenges that can prevent the public and private sector from taking full advantage of cloud. Here’s what we’ve learned:

  • The sectors need assistance with the organizational, business, and technical aspects of massive cloud transformations.
  • As infrastructures evolve and cutting-edge technology clears the IT fog hovering over the sector, there’s an opportunity to connect often siloed pockets of information.
  • Legacy applications can weigh down the mission by forcing leaders to rely on outdated technology that is not secure and is expensive to maintain.
  • Mission-critical personnel need to be able to share data and drive insights in real time.