About Us


In the year 2015, a group of young Bhutanese software developers, all working full time for various organizations started to come together during off hours and convened coding on some of their business ideas. They called themselves “Dragon Coders”; Dragon signifying Bhutan, coding in different programming languages. Over time, Dragon Coders group gained attention and started receiving software development projects from business entities and individuals.

The group officially registered the company with the Small and Cottage Industry under the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2017. In the year 2019, Dragon Coders attracted investors and it was fully incorporated as Dragon Coders Private Limited (DCPL) in July 2019 with a complete list of shareholders and Board of Directors. Initially, DCPL was incubated in Bhutan Innovation and Technology Centre under Thimphu TechPark Limited.

2020 and Beyond

In 2020, Dragoncoders joined forces with United Management & Consulting Group, the company behind London Institute of Business and Technology and joined our mission to revolutionize and disrupt the software product developments in Bhutan, enabling the Bhutanese product developers to get international exposure working with multiple geo-decentralized teams. Currently, we are on a mission to pioneer techniques that harness the power of global teams to deliver software excellence at scale. Our distributed teams across the globe provide access to a broad range of technology capabilities, to help you think big, move fast, and deliver value with the right skills at the right time.

We are on a mission to make Digital Bhutan happen!

Our Vision

Pioneer techniques that harness the power of global teams to deliver software excellence at scale to build quality, scalable software products in Bhutan.

Our Mission

Lead the digital revolution in Bhutan and make “Digital Bhutan” a reality

Our Core Values

Think Global

Always be Curious

Pursuit Of Excellence

Culture First

Amplify Positive Social Change

Advocate for an Equitable Technology Future

Foster a Diverse and Vibrant Community