Post Title: Backend  & Frontend Developer

Job Nature: Full time (with 6 months of probation)


Although educational credentials do matter, DC is inclined towards hiring those who are passionate about his/her work.

Aspiring candidates can simply walk into our office for a casual interview anytime between 2:00 PM-5:00 PM, Monday-Friday. OR send your resume to [email protected]  or [email protected]


3rd Floor, Jaffas Building, Opposite to NPPF Head Office, Chubachu, Thimphu.

 Scope of work: 

The applicant will have the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Write clean codes giving importance to the code quality
  • Write codes on clearly defined and scoped features or modules
  • Conduct timely code reviews 
  • Take an active part in the design process


  • Graduates with programming skills and software developers
  • Skills like Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, Angular, React Native, and React Js are encouraged.
  • Write queries in SQL (For BE position)
  • Strong oral and written communication skills will be advantageous.

 Benefits of being part of DCPL Team 

  • Competitive and experience & skill-based salary.
  • Working lunch. 
  • Hardware allowance.
  • Flexible work time.
  • Friendly and conducive work environment.
  • Continuous learning and career growth.


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