DCPL joins force with Radio Valley to develop a hotel booking portal
Book Your Ground
Book and Play
DCPL collaborates with Druk School in designing and developing e-Sherig, a Web App to digitize school curricula and to let the students learn outside traditional classrooms.
DCPL brings you Zhabtog: An
e-Commerce and Service
platform for all
DCPL developed and deployed PAYSAP:
A utility portal for a young aspiring Entrepreneur
Travel Agent Management
DCPL brings you TAM, a web portal that makes every tour and travel operator's lives easier through automation of tedious admin and management tasks
Smart Finance App

SFA is DCPL's upcoming conceptual project that will enable you to manage your finances more accurately and efficiently.






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Our Projects


Zhabtog has been one of the main projects of DCPL ever since its inception. It is a digital platform for two main purposes:

1. E-Commerce platform for any business owners, individuals and organizations to sell and promote their products online.

2. For any type of service providers to list their niche services and be found online by their customers.

Zhabtog is a platform that helps break the limitation of geographical area bridging the gap between the service providers and the consumers.

Most importantly, Zhabtog offers RMA certified online payment gateway ensuring safe financial transactions.


DCPL and Druk School have collaborated in a project to automate and digitalize many of the schools’ repetitive mundane tasks.
The portal will be a breakthrough project in digitalizing the way school curricula are managed. The Web App will enable teachers and students to embrace technologies for learning beyond the traditional concept of the physical classroom and to be more interactive with parents and guardians.


Adding fun to the way one cares about his/her health is always exciting.

SPORTS! There is nothing more exciting than getting together with your friends in a play field.

Business owners have taken to the opportunity in constructions of sports facilities, yet, are confined to traditional ways of connecting with customers. And the sports enthusiasts are too confined to their own life packed with busy schedules to resort to the traditional means of booking a ground.

So DCPL developed BYG portal that will allow the sports enthusiasts to book grounds at a time that is most convenient to them with just a few clicks.

Smart Finance App

SFA is our up-coming product being developed in-house by our team. It is a platform where you can update your expense and income details and keep track of the financial state of the company. SFP can generate pay-slip and execute many other important tasks. 

Wait for the full-fledged product. It is going to be your ultimate next generation accounting tool!


GBIS – Gene Bank Information System is a stand alone system that DCPL is developing for the National Biodiversity Centre. It is a platform to maintain, update and track records of various biological resources and their genes found in Bhutan.


DCPL has successfully developed and deployed PAYSAP, a portal which enables the customer to buy tickets, do e-load top-ups, pay utility bills, do your bank jobs, parcel packages within the PUBs, money transfer with identity proof for the public within the PUBs and sells condoms, bottled water, lighters, lotteries, stamps, and air tickets.