DCPL joins force with Radio Valley to develop a hotel booking portal
Book Your Ground
Book and Play
DCPL collaborates with Druk School in designing and developing e-Sherig, a Web App to digitize school curricula and to let the students learn outside traditional classrooms.
DCPL brings you Zhabtog: An
e-Commerce and Service
platform for all
DCPL developed and deployed PAYSAP:
A utility portal for a young aspiring Entrepreneur
Travel Agent Management
DCPL brings you TAM, a web portal that makes every tour and travel operator's lives easier through automation of tedious admin and management tasks
Smart Finance App

SFA is DCPL's upcoming conceptual project that will enable you to manage your finances more accurately and efficiently.






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Hiring is a continuous process with us!

DCPL, as a software company offers a wide scope of careers, whether you’re looking for the post of Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, UI/UX or if you are a competent Marketing person, send in your resume so that we could recruit you as and when necessary with the anticipation of your skills fitting into the scope of our projects.


DCPL is dedicated and inclined towards recruiting Bhutanese Nationals as far as possible keeping in view the Royal Government of Bhutan’s policy to reduce dependency on foreign workforce. We focus on empowering the Bhutanese nationals through hands-on training and assigning responsibilities.

This practice, we believe will not only help the individual and the business grow but will also foster teamwork, loyalty, and commitment towards achieving the shared mission while at the same time serving as a small contribution towards the addressing unemployment issue in the country.

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