Many are the time when businesses have workflows that are repetitive, tedious and difficult which tend to slow down production and also increases the cost of operation. To bring down the cost of production, businesses have no option rather than automate some of the functions to cut down the cost of production.

By digitizing repetitive tasks, an enterprise can cut cost on paperwork and labour which further eliminates human error thus boosting efficiency leading to better results. For businesses to gain from the above benefits, they must choose the right automation tools otherwise it will all be in vain.

Automating process involves employing artificial intelligence platforms that can support the digitalization process and deliver the same or better results that human being would have achieved.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is when a machine mimics the cognitive functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as learning and problem solving, reasoning, problem solving, knowledge representation, social intelligence and general intelligence.

The central problems of AI include reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, natural language processing perception and the ability to move and manipulate objects. Approaches include statistical methods, computational intelligence, soft computing and traditional symbolic AI.

Many tools are used in AI, including versions of search and mathematical optimization, logic, methods based on probability and economics. AI platform is defined as some sort of hardware architecture or software framework (including application frameworks), that allows software to run.

What are the Top Artificial Intelligence Platforms: Google AI Platform, TensorFlow, Microsoft Azure, Rainbird, Infosys Nia, Wipro HOLMES, Dialogflow, Premonition, Ayasdi, MindMeld, Meya, KAI, Vital A.I, Wit, Receptiviti, Watson Studio, Lumiata, Infrrd are some of the top Artificial Intelligence Platforms.

What are Artificial Intelligence Platforms?

Artificial Intelligence Platforms involves the use of machines to perform the tasks that are performed by human beings. The platforms simulate the cognitive function that human minds perform such as problem-solving, learning, reasoning, social intelligence as well as general intelligence.

AI application also involves the use of expert systems such as speech recognition, and machine vision. AI platform can be classified as either weak AI/ narrow AI which is generally meant for a particular task or strong AI also known as artificial general intelligence which can find solutions for unfamiliar tasks.

Machine learning : Machine learning is considered a subset of artificial intelligence. For it to work, you require good and reliable data. All you need is to establish what you want to do, identify the available data and let the machine learning take care of your problems. Machine learning utilises algorithms and statistical models to perform a specific task without using explicit instructions, relying on patterns and inference.

Automation : This is a must-have feature in your AI if you are to reap full benefits. Automation is basically making a software that is capable of doing things automatically,without human intervention. By automating the manual processes, one can save time and resources as you can engage your staff in other operations that requires a human touch. The AI platform you settle for should be an easy to use tool that doesn’t need additional skills and can address different automation processes with ease. With the right system, you can automate processes with ease.

Natural language processing and natural language understanding : These two features are critical to full optimization of your AI solution. This is because you need to have a system that can support full speech recognition and interaction.This helps to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data with speech recognition, natural language understanding, and natural language generation.

Cloud infrastructure : This feature provides the scalability to grow and access to resources to deploy even the complex AI and machine learning solutions. You need to combine both AI and cloud for you to exploit their benefits fully. For you to ensure the resources are available 100 percent throughout, then it is vital to leverage platform as a service PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) when launching AI solutions.

Periscope Data

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams formerly Periscope Data is an end-to-end BI and analytics solution that lets you quickly connect your data, then analyze, visualize and share insights. Periscope Data can securely connect and join data from any source, creating a single source of truth for your organization. Perform BI reporting and advanced analytics operations all from one integrated platform. Communicate insights more effectively by selecting from Periscope Data’s wide range of visualization options (including standard charts, statistical plots, maps and more) and instantly share real-time insights via direct linking, email or Slack.With Periscope Data you can also incorporate Natural Language Processing into your data analysis.

Top Artificial Intelligence Platforms

Google AI Platform, TensorFlow, Microsoft Azure, Rainbird, Infosys Nia, Wipro HOLMES, Dialogflow, Premonition, Ayasdi, MindMeld, Meya, KAI, Vital A.I, Wit, Receptiviti, Watson Studio, Lumiata, Infrrd are some of the top Artificial Intelligence Platforms .

1. Google AI Platform

AI Platform makes it easy for machine learning developers, data scientists, and data engineers to take their ML projects from ideation to production and deployment, quickly and cost-effectively. From data engineering to “no lock-in” flexibility, AI Platform’s integrated tool chain helps you build and run your own machine learning applications. AI Platform supports Kubeflow, Google’s open-source platform, which lets you build portable ML pipelines that you can run on-premises or on Google Cloud without significant code changes. And you’ll have access to cutting-edge Google AI technology like TensorFlow, TPUs, and TFX tools as you deploy your AI applications to production.…

What is best?

• Cloud-based Machine Learning
• Customer Sentiment Analysis
• Spam Detection

What are the benefits?

• State-of-the-art security system
• Convenient pricing scheme
• Long-term use guaranteed

2. TensorFlow

TensorFlow is an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs. Nodes in the graph represent mathematical operations, while the graph edges represent the multidimensional data arrays (tensors) communicated between them. The flexible architecture allows users to deploy computation to one or more CPUs or GPUs in a desktop, server, or mobile device with a single API. TensorFlow was originally developed by researchers and engineers working on the Google Brain Team within Google’s Machine Intelligence research organization for the purposes of conducting machine learning and deep neural networks research, but the system is general enough to be…

What is best?

• Deep flexibility
• True portability
• Connect research and production

What are the benefits?

• You are able to share the benefits of machine learning
• It’s fast
• Cloud TPUs are built to train and run ML models

3. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning offers cloud based advanced analytics designed to simplify machine learning for business. Business users can model their way, with best in class algorithms from Xbox, Bing, R or Python packages, or by dropping in custom R or Python code. The finished model can then be deployed in minutes as a web service, which can connect to any data, anywhere. It can also be published out to the community in the product Gallery or into the Machine Learning Marketplace. In Machine Learning Marketplace the application programming interfaces (APIs) and finished services are available. By connecting data on…

What is best?

• Digital Marketing
• Mobile
• E-Commerce

What are the benefits?

• Mobile enabled
• Cloud based
• Supports any operating system, language, tool and framework.

4. Rainbird

Rainbird is an award winning Artificial Intelligence platform that makes the business operations smarter. It enables enterprises to build systems with human-like decision making abilities resulting in greater efficiency and increased quality. Rainbird enables users to take existing, human, business knowledge and combine it with the company’s data to automate knowledge work and deliver consultative systems that can transform the way the company’s staff and customers interact with each other. Rainbird is at the forefront of knowledge work automation technology. It is a powerful ecosystem for re-engineering knowledge work enabling companies to automate and augment the work their staff’s performance.…

What is best?

• Visual User Interface
• RBLang – An Intuitive Language
• Controlled Learning Algorithms

What are the benefits?

• Turn insights into action
• Offers efficiency
• Promotes innovation

5. Infosys Nia

Infosys Nia is a knowledge-based AI platform. It brings machine learning together with the deep knowledge of an organization to drive automation and innovation. This enables businesses to continuously reinvent their system landscapes. Nia, with the Infosys AiKiDo service offerings, dramatically lowers the cost of maintenance for both physical and digital assets. It captures the knowledge and know-how of people across fragmented and complex systems, and simplifies the continuous renovation of core business processes. Nia also enables businesses to bring new, delightful user experiences leveraging state-of-the-art technology. The Infosys Nia platform is part of the Infosys Aikido framework that helps…

What is best?

What is best?

•Infosys Information Platform
•Infosys Automation Platform
•Infosys Knowledge Platform

What are the benefits?

• Automate
• Amplify
• Reinvent

6. Wipro HOLMES

Wipro HOLMES – Artificial Intelligence Platform is a rich set of cognitive computing services for the development of digital virtual agents, predictive systems, cognitive process automation, visual computing applications, knowledge virtualization, robotics and drones. Wipro HOLMES is developed using machine learning, natural language processing, genetic and deep learning algorithms, semantic ontologies, pattern recognition and knowledge modeling technologies to provide solutions that deliver cognitive enhancement to experience and productivity, accelerate process through automation and at the highest stage of maturity reach autonomous abilities. Wipro HOLMES is designed with a focus on enterprise use cases from IT and Business process areas, has…

What is best?

What is best?

•Digital Virtual Agents
•Predictive Systems
•Cognitive Process Automation

What are the benefits?

• Speech recognition
• Discovering patterns
• Natural language understanding

7. Dialogflow

API.AI allows users to build brand-unique, natural language interactions for bots, applications, services, and devices. It features a Natural Language Understanding Tools to design unique conversation scenarios, design corresponding actions and analyze interactions with users. Leverage predefined knowledge packages collected over several years, including encyclopaedic data, weather, news, booking, flight schedules, and much more. While the platform learns from examples provided by developers and conversations it has with end users to continuously improve user experience. API.AI offers Conversation Support wherein users can switch seamlessly between conversation topics, while remembering where they left off for each one. Users can also leverage…

What is best?

•Machine Learning
•Conversation Support

What are the benefits?

• Build voice and text based conversational apps
• On any platform
• In any location

8. Premonition

Law is one of the few marketplaces where no one knows the value of each participant. There are huge variances in how good Attorneys are perceived to be and how good they actually are. Many expensive Lawyers are poor performers. Many cheap Lawyers are actually phenomenal—at least in front of certain Judges. Only Premonition knowsPremonition has generated the World’s Largest Litigation Database. The Premonition system can read and analyze over 50,000 documents a second. It enables them to ask questions that have never been possible before. Its Artificial Intelligence system mines Data to find out which Attorneys win before which…

What is best?

•Know the track record of your Attorney.
•Select Co-Counsel who have never lost in front of certain Judges.
•Analyze the Court, Judge and Opposing Counsel by their Win Rates and Results.

What are the benefits?

• Litigate intelligently
• Know the track record of your Attorney
• Rank arbitrators based on past decisions

9. Ayasdi

Ayasdi’s vision is to make it easy for users to tap into the massive amounts of client, product, and market-related data at their own disposal to uncover previously hidden insights, to create predictive models, and ultimately to automate the business with intelligent applications. Ayasdi is an enterprise scale machine intelligence platform that delivers the automation that is needed to gain competitive advantage from the company’s big and complex data. It supports large numbers of business analysts, data scientists, end-users, developers and operational systems across the organization, simultaneously creating, validating, using and deploying sophisticated analyses and mathematical models at scale. Ayasdi…

What is best?

•Big Data Analytics and Modeling
•Topological Data Analysis

What are the benefits?

• Anti money laundering
• Clinical variation management
• Denials management

10. MindMeld

MindMeld provides a Deep-Domain Conversational AI to Power the Next Generation of Voice and Chat Assistants. This has been one of the very useful tools that users can get whether for personal or professional use. users will now be able to avoid common mistakes and confusions from former voice and chat assistants that usually includes a hit-or-miss accuracy which quickly frustrates users, preset rules break when users go slightly off-script, common slang that often go misunderstood and shallow knowledge fails to answer even basic questions. With MindMeld, users will be able to enjoy more its services with more accurate responses.…

What is best?

•Discover on-demand music and video
•Enable in-store or curbside pickup
•Enable quick chat-based transactions

What are the benefits?

• Discover music and video on demand
• Enable in-store or curbside pickup
• Start a conversation with your customers

11. Meya

Meya Bot Studio is a fully fledged web-based IDE. The studio contains everything the company need to make amazing bots including a flow & code editor, test chat and live debugging. It Write flows in the simple Bot Flow Markup Language (BFML), Use built-in components, Write user’s own components in Python or Node.js, Test and debug in real-time, Visualize company flow, Easily connect intents to flows and Commit code to GitHub. Users of Meya will be able to enhance their bot by connecting it to an expansive ecosystem of integrations. Meya have all of the most popular messaging channels, customer…

What is best?

•Unlimited bots
•Unlimited collaborators
•All messaging channels

What are the benefits?

• Simple to integrate
• Improve customer service without adding more agents
• Debug in real time

12. KAI

KAI is a conversational AI platform powering virtual assistants and smart bots across mobile, messaging, and wearables. Built with industry-specific domain expertise, KAI-powered Bots and virtual assistants are well-versed in any form of business whether it’s finance, commerce, or any other industry.KAI do not require coding. KAI enables a network of intents wired at runtime to enable human-like, cross-intent conversational experiences. KAI includes a deep-learning analytical toolset for data collection and analysis, model training, testing, and deployment. And its comprehensive, self-serve customer portal provides real-time reporting. Built from the ground up, KAI’s agile development environment includes an easy-to-integrate API and…

What is best?

•Modern architecture
•Agile development environment
•Comprehensive AI technology

What are the benefits?

• Flexible business model
• Gives you a consistent brand experience
• Gives you industry specific knowledge

13. Vital A.I

Vital A.I. provides artificial intelligence software development tools and consulting services. The Vital Development Kit (VDK) addresses the largest source of cost when developing Intelligent Applications – the human labor of data integration – managing the flow of data across people, devices, databases, and data streams of algorithmic processing.Vital A.I.’s tools dramatically reduce these costs by creating intelligent data models, which are then deployed across the application architecture. Using the models, the application and the A.I. algorithms are then aware of the nature of the data and can automate processes, reducing the effort and cost necessary to create and manage…

What is best?

•Haley A.I. Agent Platform
•VDK: Vital Development Kit
•Consulting Services

What are the benefits?

• Vital AI provides artificial intelligence software development tools
• Cost effective when developing intelligent applications
• Automate business processes

14. Wit makes it easy for developers to build applications and devices that company users can use to talk or text to. Wit’s vision is to empower developers with an open and extensible natural language platform. learns human language from every interaction, and leverages the community: what’s learned is shared across developers. Whenever the customers send Wit a voice or text, company users will get back a structured data that is simple to understand. Wit is free to use, including for commercial use. Both private and public Wit apps are free and are governed by Wit terms while it doesn’t…

What is best?

•Mobile Apps
•Home Automation

What are the benefits?

• Creation of chatbots that easily interact with human
• Enjoy hands free mobile experience
• Voice interface in wearable devices

15. Receptiviti

Receptiviti gives AI technologies emotional intelligence by revealing users’ psychology, personality, decision-making style and emotions in real-time. Receptiviti enables bot makers and AI technologists to empower their platforms with emotional intelligence so they can discriminate between their users’ feelings, emotions and thinking styles, and use these insights to guide actions, communication styles and build stronger relationships and user dependencies. When it comes to Marketing and Engagement, users will be able to segment and cluster Twitter followers, Facebook communities, customers and entire audiences by psychology, personality and decision-making styles. Engage them as individuals or in groups based on the way they…

What is best?

•AI and Bots
•Marketing and Engagement
•Sales and Customer Care

What are the benefits?

• Organizational risks
• Human capital management
• Talent identification and selection

16. Watson Studio

Watson Studio is a data analysis application that accelerates machine and deep learning workflows required for infusing AI into your business to drive innovation. Watson Studio provides you with a suite of tools for application developers, data scientists, and subject matter experts to collaboratively and easily work with data as well as the data to train, build, and deploy models. Watson Studio also provides a choice of tools for the full AI lifecycle such as IBM tools. With Watson Studio, you have the ability to choose between code or no-code tools to enable you to build and train your ML/DL…

What is best?

• See your data
• Refine your data
• Deep learning integration

What are the benefits?

• Design neural architectures using the most popular deep learning frameworks
• Spend less time preparing data
• Have more time discovering insights using data refinery

18. Lumiata

Lumiata is an Artificial Intelligence software that helps in predicting health with transparent, precise analytics to automate risk and revenue operations. Lumiata provides easy integration of structured and unstructured data such as claims, labs, HER data and more into a readily consumable and actionable FHIR format . Lumiata is responsible for cleaning, standardizing and unifying data to make it searchable, aggregated and secure for distribution. Lumiata provides AI-powered models to cover the most prevalent conditions built over 175 million patient records. Lumiata provides predictive insights for millions of records generates within hours and delivers it via API. Lumiata’s predictions are…

What is best?

•Lumiata Risk Management
•Pinpoint High-Risk Patients
•Predict health with transparency

What are the benefits?

• Improved data accuracy
• Reduced data latency
• Faster time-to-action

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